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    Pro Tip

    Do you wish to make visits easier for your guests? Send them an invitation from the Proxyclick app! They will receive a QR code that will provide them with easy access to City Offices.

    Entrance for guests

    Your guests can get into the building through the main entrance. They should approach the reception desk, where, soon, they can use the Proxyclick app to check in. But for now they need to state their purpose to the reception staff. There, they will receive a temporary access pass required to meet you.

    Announcing your guests

    In the future, when your guest checks in via the Proxyclick app, you will receive a notification. Through the app, you will be able to let the reception know what to do. For example, that you will go down in 5 minutes to meet the guest or that the guest should be let in. But for now, when your guest arrives, the reception will give you a call.

    Parking spaces

    If your guests are arriving by car, you may invite them to use the parking spaces assigned to your company. Remember to approve this in advance and to notify the building staff. Then, you have to greet them in the car park and accompany them until they reach your floor. If you don’t have parking spaces you can always direct them to the City Parking building.

    Underground parking

    City Parking


    Security staff may ask you and your guests to show your access cards. Persons with no access pass will be asked to leave the building immediately.